Thursday, April 18, 2013

Battle Scarred - Channel 5 Postponed Viewing of last two Programmes

'Battle Scarred' - Originally produced for Channel 5 as a 4 week documentary series describing the key issues associated with the increasing number of military veterans entering the Criminal Justice System - only 2 of the series have so far been shown.   
These excellent films, made by Chris Terrill, should be essential viewing for all concerned about meeting the Military Covenant and reducing re-offending.

Regrettably, apparently owing to coverage of the Boston bombing and Margaret Thatcher's funeral arrangements, the viewing figs for the second film were considered low.  As a consequence, Channel 5 has now decided to postpone the last two films.  This decision can only be seen as a failure to understand the importance of the films and the story they told. 

We can only hope that Channel 5 will review its decision and show the last two episodes soon.   
Those interested in this important topic can see the first two films on the internet. 

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