Thursday, June 07, 2012

New Zealand's Community Approach to Reducing Re-offending

The New Zealand Prison Fellowship continues to promote the Community approach to reducing re-offending

Bishop Desmond Tutu and Restorative Justice

In this short You Tube film - , Desmond Tutu describes his thoughts and feelings on Restorative Justice and forgiveness. In respect of reducing re-offending, it is perhaps worth us all reminding ourselves of the principles he sets out. Although describing it as being based upon his Christian values, they are surely also applicable from a humanist and other religious basis too.

Veteran Offenders - NO OFFENCE Conference

On 11 Jul, NO OFFENCE will be running a major national conference at HMP Doncaster aimed at promoting increased understanding surrounding the number of military veterans entering the UK's Justice System.  Speakers and associated leaders from around the country will be explaining the challenges that veterans experience and outlining the work of various organisations working with veteran offenders and their families.

Details can be found here -