Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reducing Re-offending Through Skills ... - Google Books

Reducing Re-offending Through Skills ... - Google Books

Yet more evidence to show that punishment by itself fails to reduce re-offending. Rather there is a need to invest time and resources into providing offenders with the skills and personal confidence that most of us take for granted, enabling them to change their thoughts, feelings, behaviour and belief in themselves. The process of course requires a fundamental shift in approach and philosophy to the task. Will the Ken Clarke be supported in his efforts to make the changes possible?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The 'Veterans Change Partnership' - addressing the needs of Veteran Offenders

Readers of this blog will have noted our efforts to raise awareness regarding military veteran offenders. Regrettably, the number of veterans who are becoming involved in the Criminal Justice System is continuing to rise. Others are sleeping rough and becoming dependant on drugs and alcohol. There are many reasons for this, not least family breakdown and an inability to settle back into civilian life following repeated combat experience and associated trauma.

The 'Veterans Change Partnership' is being developed to offer specialised programmes of rehabilitation, training, support and preventative work for veteran offenders. With each partner providing a blend of specialist knowledge, skills and provision, the programme will enable a reduction in recidivism with access to employment. Considerable work has been undertaken and more information can be seen at

As part of the project, the partnership is now seeking financial support through a
Social Impact Bond and is keen to hear from anybody who might wish to be involved. More information is available from Trevor Philpott -

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



This news item describes the veteran homeless situation in the USA. Here in the UK we are facing similar shame - 12% of London's homeless are veterans, many are committing crime in order to survive. If we are to reduce the levels of offending and re-offending and look after the families of our veterans, more effort must be made to implement and uphold the values enshrined within the Military Covenant. ‬‏

Monday, July 11, 2011

Homeless vets: Does anyone care? - 60 Minutes Overtime - CBS News

Homeless vets: Does anyone care? - 60 Minutes Overtime - CBS News

This link to a CBS News programme highlights the increasing levels of depression and mental illness amongst US veterans and how one state is helping its homeless veterans to get their lives in order, all of which is serving to reduce re-offending and enable positive personal change.

Here in the UK, it is estimated that 12% of the homeless in London are military veterans. Is our military covenant really making a difference to those veterans who have fallen upon bad times and who face difficulties with depression? How many more of our veterans will we place in prison?