Friday, November 05, 2010

Research by the Revolving Doors Agency

Research by the Revolving Doors Agency - - has indetified key factors regarding the reduction of re-offending, namley: -

The self-reinforcing nature of the ‘revolving door cycle’ makes it difficult to break.
Approaching needs in isolation is unlikely to have sustained impact.
Solutions lie outside of the scope of Criminal Justice agencies.
People with multiple problems need help from a range of services and working partnerships.
Stimulating local strategic leadership and partners, encouraging joint ownership and development.

What Works: -
Intervene early
Navigate exit routes at all stages of the criminal justice system
Support holistic rehabilitation and recovery
Make use of existing community resources
Work in partnership
Involve users in designing and delivering services
Deliver services that believe in people and their capacity to change  

In order to promote positive change, Partnerships need to embarce these fundamental issues.

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