Thursday, November 13, 2008

Supporting our Ex Servicemen and Women

I agree with John Moore and Trevor Philpott. However a long term strategy should be to create a mechanism, that assists retiring servicemen and women, offering them comprehensive skills training before they leave the service. Also a full audit should be carried out on their financial status and provide short term assistance where required. In the meantime the many thousands of ex-service personnel who are currently in prison or homeless need to be looked after now. They could be looked after by retired service personnel who can retrain, build up morale whilst speaking the same language. They basically need a "buddy". There should be halfway houses to accomodate them from the streets or from prison. They would feel more comfortable being looked after by people who they can identify with and understand their problems with a practical "eye".
Their are many excellent retired service personnel who could form a HELPCORP to look after their welfare. This would free up prisons and get these people off the streets. What an indictment for the government to see war heroes reduced to poverty.

Tony Smith MBE

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