Tuesday, July 01, 2008

House of Lords Debate 26 June 2008 - Prison Royal Commission

Lord Ramsbotham has once again taken the lead in addressing and promoting the debate over the state of our prison system. Highlighting the damaging politicisation of the penal system and the continuous weaknesses in the management and leadership within the prison service, he has proposed that a Royal Commission be established to consider and advise the Government and the Prison Service on future structural changes and the operational running of the Service.

Strongly supported by many other eminent members of the House of Lords, let us hope that this marks the start of a meaningful process of continuing debate and positive change. The full debate can be read at - http://www.theyworkforyou.com/lords/?id=2008-06-26a.1610.2

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johnson07 john said...

There has not been a Royal Commission for 15 years – the last one was in 1993 under Lord Runciman. It looked at the criminal justice system and concentrated on criminal justice processes, policing and the courts.
• There is an urgent need for a discussion about the purpose and context of prison. A Royal Commission would take an independent look at criminal justice and the use of imprisonment, an area all too frequently used as a political football.
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