Friday, December 21, 2007

Life Change UK's innovative training earns high praise from participants

With the Government's continued emphasis upon promoting learning and access to work by marginalised groups of our society, the development of associated staff training has become increasingly relevant and important. Recent delivery of training by Life Change UK to staff working with and supporting difficult learners, long-term unemployed people and ex-offenders has earned high praise from those who have undertaken the training. Feedback can be seen at .

Of note are the comments relating to improved understanding, communication skills, boundaries and staff team work, all of which are essential if education, learning, access to work and an improvement in the reduction in re-offending rates are to be achieved. In reality, targets can only be met if staff have the confidence and knowledge to deal with the 'tough' soft skills that such work demands. Until these are understood and staff are given the training and associated support to work more effectively, limited progress will be made.

With pilot funding from the LSC and support by Devon and Cornwall Training Providers Network and Enterprise Plymouth, the unique training is clearly delivering important skills that many organisations believe their staff will benefit from.

Courses in 2008 can be see at