Friday, January 05, 2007

Former C-FAR Trainee, Craig Reece, reports his continuing progress

Hello, my name is Craig Reece. For those of you that haven’t read about me on the Feedback page of the Life Change UK web site , I am a 24 years old ex-offender who successfully completed the late C-FAR programme in Devon. I am proud to say that mainly because of that I am now getting a new life.

From my previous letter you will see that I was successful in my application to join the Army. My training started on 14th August 2006 and I completed the 14-week initial training on 17th November. This was by no means an easy course. The training was very intense and demanding, especially in physical fitness. I am pleased to say that I kept my standards high and completed what the Army call CMS (R) with good reports. This I couldn’t have done without many of the subjects and skills I was taught at C-FAR which, incidentally, I no longer have to remind myself of as they now come easily and are part of my every day life and thinking.

I look back and cannot believe the change in myself and my lifestyle. It is hard to believe that two years ago I was sat in prison waiting for release with no prospects and no future. Now, thanks to C-FAR I am a happy person, holding down a secure job with a secure future and I am working hard to catch up on the years I lost through my criminal activity.

Recently I spent a weekend in Belgium on a Battlefield tour which I really enjoyed learning about. In January I am due to go skiing for a week in Italy with the possibility of entering the Army Championships later in the year.

I am also about to undertake my cat C and E driver training after which I will be posted into the Field Army. From there I intend to complete the ’P’ Company Parachute Course and then the Royal Marines All Arms Commando Course. Although these are recognised as amongst the two most physically tough courses in the British services, I am determined to complete them. None of this would have been possible had it not been for what I learned at C-FAR and my thanks go to all the staff who encouraged and supported me there.

It is that type of course that ex-offenders need so that they can change our lives. I only wish that the Government would understand this and listen to people like me. Hopefully they will in the future.


Craig Reece.